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YouDay: To heal, we must face fear

Coach LaMonte shares a deeply personal story that still affects him now, and how we can take the first steps to healing from trauma

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Editorial note: Today's YouDay article and video discuss the trauma of sexual molestation. While there is nothing discussed in graphic detail, we understand these conversations are difficult. If you or a loved one need help to face the aftermath of sexual assault or any other unwanted sexual contact, reach out to RAINN for resources near you, or call 800-656-4673.

I have to be completely transparent. I am still walking out the healing process of pain I suffered in my childhood. When I was young, I was sexually molested and the trauma left wounds so deep that even today I am tracing the pain to areas of my life the hurt manifested.

I discovered that while I have traveled through life it was easy for me to counsel and coach others through their pain, but I have to be honest this was one area where I was not listening to my own voice. Has this ever happened to you? Why is it easier for us to be there for others but not deal with our own pain? I asked myself this question and I was forced to answer it. 

It is because I feared re-living what I lived, and re-experiencing what I experienced. Fear crippled me. The fear of the unknown. The fear of the unexpected. If you are on this journey, stepping out beginning your healing process,  just know that as your coach I am too on this journey as well. Each day I will pray for you as you will pray for me and by God's grace I know we will find our healing together

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