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YouDay: Hop off the lily pad

Coach LaMonte says taking a big leap out of your element helps conquer your fear

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — How many times have you said you would do something and then don't show up and do it? This is a norm for so many of us. We talk without action and then wonder why we haven't stepped into abundance. This is the reason. You must trust yourself enough to know that the next leap of faith you take is going to be the best leap you take.

I know that sometimes fear prevents us from doing the BIG thing in life. I know for many of us words are easier than action. This is what I have come to surmise: So many of us are talk oriented but not action-oriented. Here is what I need you to consider: As long as you are only talking, without action, you will consistently teach your spirit not to believe anything you say. This is a new day, a day that will shift you into a new level of understanding. Every leap will not be easy. Every leap is nerve-racking, but every step is worth taking.

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