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YouDay: How are you applying your faith?

Today Coach LaMonte asks us an important question, how are you applying your faith?

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — When we hear the word faith we immediate think of a religious experience. But faith is greater than an religious experience. 

Faith is an internal law that unlocks the power to manifest and believe anything you desire in your life. Faith is the unseen internal mechanism that unlocks the unseen granting it permission to transition to the seen realm. Anything you desire in life already exist. It is locked in the faith is a living law found in your spirit and its the original law of attraction. 

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Anything you desire in life will not manifest if faith is not included in its release. For without Faith unlocks the unseen granting it permission to become visible in your life. Anything you desire in life already exists. If you are able to see it in your mind its an indication that it is determined to come to pass. Faith is the method on how to bring the pictures of you mind into the manifestation of your eyes. When I say the word faith you immediate think of religion don't you. 

Let me first redefine faith. Faith is greater than any religious experience. It is a fruit of the spirit, the superpower within drawing to you the desires of your heart. Faith is the foundational element found in the law of attraction. Before religion ever existed faith existed as an internal law enabling us to unlock the unseen desires of our heart manifesting them into visible accomplishments. What you desire in life already exists. 

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If you are able to visualize it—that is a direct indication that its ready to be unlocked. So my question— with the measure of faith you’ve been given what is faith going to unlock for you. your imagination and life are ready. Are you?

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