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YouDay: How generous is your heart?

Coach LaMonte says now is a good time to check your heart and see how giving you are to others.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — There was a man who had the heart to help anyone. One day while walking he found a purse. Inspecting the purse he noticed that it was empty. The owner of the purse was frantically retracing her steps searching for her purse. Finding a police officer she explains her dilemma. Suddenly she sees a man from a distance with what resembled her purse.

Confronting the man who found the purse, with a police officer, and the man is arrested. Searching within her purse she discovered that many of the contents were missing- including money. The woman assuming the man was the thief demanded that he return the money because the money was to be used for her son's education. The man stated that the purse was empty when he found it. Having compassion for the woman he gave money to her. She left while the man was held. 

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The next day the officer arrived at her house to tell her they found the real thief and recovered part of the money. Confused she asked about the other man. The officer replied he told us that he gave you his money because he didn't want your son to go without. Moral of this story: think of someone else before you think of yourself.

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