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YouDay: How selfless are we?

A commonly-told story is the basis for this question from Coach LaMonte.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — There is a story of a young boy who miraculously overcame a rare blood disease. Many years later the boy developed antibodies that would combat the illness. This was hopeful because it was later discovered that his younger sister was diagnosed with the same disorder. The doctors recognized that the boy's blood could save his sister's life. The doctors spoke with him and asked him if he would be willing to give his sister his blood. It wasn't long before the boy said yes.

The transfusion began. You could see life returning to the sister while the brother grew pale and worried. He turned to the nurse and asked "Ma'am how long till I die?"

He misunderstood the situation and was willing to give his life up for his sister. So my question for you is: what would you do in this situation if the person in need was a stranger?

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