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YouDay: How to defeat discouragement

Coach LaMonte has four tips to help you win the day.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — At some point in time, we will all find ourselves dealing with discouragement. It is inevitable. It is something that we can not avoid because at some point in life there will be either an expected or unexpected outcome that will negatively impact us.  It’s simply part of what makes the human experience the human experience.  

There is a living cell of hope that resides in the human spirit whose primary responsibility is to unseat discouragement and allow us to take full charge of our lives. The cell of hope is encouragement. 

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Encouragement is the power to look within and take life by its horns shifting it in the direction you desire most. Encouragement happens when you allow courage to become full of destiny. Encouragement is also the one thing that is our responsibility to awaken. When courage is awakened -and it shifts your life in the direction of winning- and you possess this inner power to succeed at ALL things, this is encouragement. Here are a few things to help you awaken encouragement within:

  1. Always see the greater outcome even when things seem negative.
  2. Speak to yourself in a tone that is opposite from the tone of negativity.
  3. Never allow a difficult situation to steal your joy.
  4. Remind yourself that you were created to win, so win!

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