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YouDay: The importance of discipline

Coach LaMonte explains how discipline can protect you from yourself.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A life without discipline is a life of negative consequences- consequences you have the power to prevent. There are some experiences in life that were avoidable if only discipline was applied. No discipline means no boundaries- without boundaries what we don't want in life becomes what we eventually get out of life. 

There is a proverb that says that a person without discipline is like a city built without walls. In the days of old, cities were surrounded by walls to protect them from their enemies. Discipline builds walls around you protecting you -- from you. Without discipline, you declare war against yourself preventing you from experiencing the fullness of you.  We struggle with applying discipline because of contentment. 

It's time to evaluate our lives and through this evaluation, taking an honest approach, ask yourself if a lack of discipline is leading to a life of lack? Discipline yourself now and what you want in life is what you will get in life. 

-Coach LaMonte. 

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