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YouDay: Trust your instincts, don't let 'the snake' bite you

Maya Angelou once wrote, "when a person tells you who they are, believe them." It's one of life's most valuable lessons.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Maya Angelou said, "once a person tell you (shows you) who they are, believe them." This is because no one knows themselves better than them. 

In the course of building and maintaining relationships, we all have discovered things about people that rubbed us the wrong way. Many relationships violated our trust. Others hurt us, causing great emotional damage. But the question is, did you see the signs, the red flags, and simply chose to ignore them?

One of our greatest misfortunes is not trusting our intuition. Our intuition is a product of our spirit, which assists us in discerning the true motives and intentions of all our relationships. It is the seat of discernment enabling us to see first-hand if a person is truly for us, or manipulating us. It also works as a guard, a great wall which stands as the gate of our internal emotional system, protecting us from future hurt. 

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When we choose to ignore intuition, we place our heart in a vulnerable position where pain is inevitable.

In the story of the snake, the nurse refused to acknowledge the snake as a snake, because it needed her at a vulnerable time. She believed her kindness was enough to change the snake's character. We must understand that who we are will never change the character of another person. 

Make no mistake, we can influence their behavior, but we cannot change their behavior. It is my hope as your coach that you will use this story as a scale when balancing and weighing your relationships. 

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Remember, all relationships must be reciprocal. If it's not, you will eventually get bit. Ask the nurse!

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