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YouDay: When we reach the split in the road

Coach LaMonte says we eventually must make a choice about who we will become.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Have you ever felt like you were living with two versions of you? The one who knew what was waiting for you in the promised land and the one who did everything possible to hinder you from getting there. There comes a point in life where you will have to decide which version of YOU is going to abide in your life: the one that continually sabotages your progress or the one who has the potential for greatness.

When life seems to hit the fan, and chaos abounds, this is an indication that it's time to separate yourself from the YOU that means YOU harm. There’s a split in the road and only one of you can take the high road to destiny. Which one will it be? You are better than the lesser one. 

You are greater than your darkest days. Choose YOU and allow YOU to win in the game of life.

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