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YouDay: Your dreams aren't dead. Bring them back.

On this Easter Sunday, Coach LaMonte shares a message about keeping your goals alive.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The question is: is it really dead? Are your dreams really dead? Are your goals really dead? Is your purpose, your call really dead? I declare over your life that they are not. I declare that what you thought in your life would never again produce good works will now emerge and sprout abundance.

The cycles that have become all too familiar will cease because hope is returning. Boldness is emerging. Excitement is back! The dreams you thought were dead will rise and prosper you. The ideas that people said weren't good enough are about to change lives. Prepare for a shift that will cause anything you put your hands to will prosper. Do you believe this? If not I declare that these very words will hit your spirit and awaken the dreamer within you.

I have discovered this one thing: Dreams never quit, only the dreamer does. You have come too far, and you are closer than you ever were before- regardless of what it looks like. You can not abandon a destined work that is calling out to the world, a world that needs what you are carrying. So get up and get out of your head -- we need you, your dream deserves you!

Today is a new awakening. You must believe again, and do not lose heart. Stay in the vein of hope and allow optimism to skyrocket in your spirit. This is your time! This is your moment to rise!

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