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YouDay: Take control of you

Coach LaMonte says other people can't take charge of our lives. Here's how to shake them off

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Have you ever felt you were contaminated or controlled by words someone directed towards you? 

It's as if their words have become a virus. I call this "Word Influenza". Think about those words. Who spoke them, and what effect did those words cause? The strength of anything spoken only exists if you have granted those words power. It's impossible to prevent others from speaking, but you can control what their words do for you and to you. People can also use words as a manipulation tool to control you, and to this point, we must be mindful and attentive to motive.

Remember: words are constantly looking for a resting place, a place to grow and develop into a lifestyle. If you have the words of someone else planted within, it's time they are plucked out. Do away with and eliminate those words that do not fit who you are. 

You can not allow their unhealthy words to grow in healthy places within. Forge forward and leave those words behind, and wash them off.

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