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YouDay: Create a good life in your mind

Coach LaMonte shares why your mind matters, and how to give yourself the best life by starting within

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The life you create in your mind is the life you will create in your reality. Your mind lets you create in secret before you present your secret life to a public world. Our mind is the place we process how we want to live, where we want to live, and what we believe we deserve in life.

If you are a person who believes you are not good enough, not worthy enough, and will never amount to anything, your mind creates boundaries that force you to approach life that way. That is why it is important to challenge every thought and cast down any thought that does not have you winning in life. Understand that there is a power in your imagination that permits you to examine who you are and who you want the world to see.

An easier way to remember the power of imagination is this: Image to the Nation! Your imagination is the place you develop your self-image preparing a picture the Nation will see!

You will only get as far as your mind permits you, so if you are not happy with where you are in life, change the way you are thinking and think yourself new.

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