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YouDay: Reclaim your joy

Coach LaMonte says we all have a secret superpower to help us thrive every day

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — This is a new day! A day where we can all show gladness and know that whatever the situation we may face we have already overcome. Well that is easy for me to say but is it easy for you to believe? My job as your coach is encourage you. Your job is to believe in the encouragement. If you struggle to believe or embrace the encouragement there comes a time where we must get to the root of why we can not accept nor receive encouragement.

I understand that for many of us the weight of life greets us each day. Before our feet hit the floor we are already feeling the weight of rejection and stress; obstacle and setback. I understand. I too have been here all too many times. But that was until I understood a great superpower that we all possess.

 I understood the only way I could overcome any situation intended to destroy me could only be met by this superpower. This superpower will help you look at your issues differently and will help you treat others differently. This superpower that you have is a fruit of the spirit, an internal norm that allows you to smile and walk with your chin up. This superpower is called JOY!

Joy is the superpower that opens up your life to see life through different lenses. I understand all to clearly that we all will experience days where we feel the tug and weight and issues that seem to plague us each day. I know that many find themselves losing, hating to face each day because we believe that each day is equal to or worse than the day before. But from this day forward you can no longer place limitations on your day and you will allow that superpower of joy to be unlocked.

Joy is your ability to see the power that life is. With joy you can see life differently and know that everything you want in life is already doing great things. You no longer have to face the challenges of this world the way you have. You have joy. Even at times when you don't feel like joy is there; it is. It has never left you. Pull joy out. Allow joy too manifest in your life. Joy is how you defeat the world and conquer your life. 

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