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YouDay: How we must plant ourselves

Coach LaMonte says people are like seeds: we have to face pressure to grow

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Have you ever planted a seed? I'm not a green thumb but the process amazes me. First, it's planted in the dirt, fertilized, watered, and provided sunlight- all of which are assisting in its growth. I learned that the weight of the dirt crushes the seed to the point that the seed dies, releasing what's locked inside it. How does this process apply to you? Sometimes the weight of life can crush you causing you to die to yourself.

It is not easy, but necessary. Instead of fighting the process, finish the process. It's assisting you to bring out the best. You can never emerge with your greatest testimony if you haven't experienced the crushing weight of resentment, rejection, and disappointment. These things are inevitable and a part of the human experience, but on the other side of pain is a victory worth dying for. So live through the crushing, die to self, and sprout as a champion.

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