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YouDay: The beauty of fall

Autumn is Coach LaMonte's favorite season. He shares why and what it means to him.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — I love this time of year. It's a season when change is in the air. But many years ago fall taught me a great lesson.

One day I strolled through a park, amazed at the beauty I saw. All the leaves were displaying beautiful colors. As I admired the beauty this intense revelation came upon me: What I saw as beauty, the leaves saw as their last breath. When leaves change their colors they are literally dying, giving their best before they fall from the tree.

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I was left with this question: was I giving my best before I leave this earth? Was I truly living up to my potential, or merely gliding through life? The one thing about life is none of us will make it out alive. 

We will all stand before God and the question will be asked what did we do our life, and did we leave our best behind. What will your answer be? Have you given your best? And how will you be remembered?

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