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YouDay: The beauty of silence

Coach LaMonte says it's time to cut the noise.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — There is a beauty in silence that many of us have forgotten. We are consumed by the overabundance of noise: noise from work, family, community, and technology that we have lost the inner peace that we once had. I solved this problem by finding a quiet place to reflect on self. I discovered that I was slowly losing myself because I was inundated with it all.

How can a world with so much noise become the only voice we hear? How did we get to this place were silence becomes so odd that when find it we feel as if something is missing? We are possessed with the need for noise and the less noise we feel the more alienated we believe we are. It's time to pull our inner voice off the shelf and reclaim our peace- this happens when you make quiet time a priority. This is what we must do:

  1. Find a space where you can think and focus on you.
  2. Set time aside daily to shut off technology.
  3. Lessen the voices that swirl around you.
  4. Adopt a philosophy that not everyone's problem is your problem
  5. Find less dependence in others.

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When you are able to do this you are able to find the power within to become you again. Remember, you existed before the noise and you will become better without it!

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