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YouDay: The importance of understanding

Coach LaMonte says being an understanding person can make all the difference for someone else.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — When walking through certain situations in life it's sometimes hard for people to understand the struggles we are walking through. There was a story of a young boy who heard a store was selling puppies. He gathered his money and discovered he only had $3.00. He knew it wasn't enough but he went to the store regardless.

After seeing all the puppies he noticed one walked with a limp. The boy asked the owner if he could purchase the limp dog. The owner explained that the limp was the puppy's permanent condition and urged him to change his mind. The boy not budging asked the owner if he would take the $3. 

The owner told the boy to just take the dog, "he would never do what the others dogs would do".

The boy lifting up his pants legs showing the owner that he too walked with a limp saying to the owner "he now has a friend that understands". 

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