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YouDay: Transition from negativity to positive thinking

Life is what you make of it. We've all experienced setbacks, but how did you react and apply your knowledge for the better?

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Life has a way of transitioning us into uncontrolled developments. 

Life is simply what you accept or what you make it. We all have experienced heartache and setbacks.

We found ourselves asking why me? How could this have happened, and what's next? For many of us, we get stuck there, facing unanswered questions that set us back instead of pushing us forward. 

But when was the last time you asked why something happened or what you could do to make this different? Or what am I learning from this? You have the power to win back your life and no longer just accept whatever comes your way. 

You are better, worthy and deserve the best. Transition out of a mindset that focuses on the bad that happened and apply the lessons you learned.  

-Coach LaMonte. 

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