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YouDay: Watch your words

Coach LaMonte says we need to watch the words we say, as they can help manifest our outcomes

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — How many times have you said something and the moment you said it you regretted it? That has happened to me on several occasions. The functions of words are interesting. Words leave our mouths and go into the atmosphere to create what you have spoken and will either drive back to you what you have spoken, or drive you towards your words.

Every word you speak will either create a great life or destroy your life. Please be careful that your words align with what you want and not what you will eventually regret. Let your words represent the person life has summoned you to become. From this day forward speak over yourself that you will only speak words of life, and not death. Words of hope, and not doubt. Words of advance, and not words of retreat. This is your time so speak like it.

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