CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Five-year-old Bryson Shupe got a good night's sleep. He wanted to be well rested for his blimp flight set to have him soaring in the air like his favorite superhero.

"I'm really excited," Shupe said.

His Mom knows how special this day is. Bryson needed a heart transplant, and after eight months in the Ronald McDonald House in Charlotte, he got one.

"He did really good with his surgery," said Bryson's Mom Ashley Carswell. "We are thankful he's with us today."

The blimp flight can only seat three: the pilot, Bryson, and his grandmother.

Mom didn't want to fly.

"I volunteered. I was excited," said Bryson's grandmother Denise Tensley. "He's a fighter. He's my hero. People don't get to meet their superheroes, but he's my superhero."

Walmart reached out to the Ronald McDonald House offering the Blimp Flight. The staff chose Bryson for the flight.

Once back on the ground, Bryson received a new bike to help care for his new heart. The family received gift cards for groceries and other needs.

The Ronald McDonald House says they will always welcome volunteer hours, and donations to help children and their families through a medical crisis.