Black Friday Guide: Best deals and what not to buy
Black Friday Guide: Best deals and what not to buy
Author: WHAS Staff
Published: 8:21 PM EST November 23, 2017
Updated: 8:35 PM EST November 23, 2017

There is absolutely no need to line up and ruin your Thanksgiving - the vast majority of the best Black Friday offerings are available online. Many of these deals are also available at lower prices online too!

Today you can shop with no crowds and no mayhem. (Tap/click on the blue links for Black Friday Deals)

👉 Every big Black Friday deal and doorbuster right here!👈


Black Friday Guide: Best deals and what not to buy

Chapter 3

🛑 5 worst things to buy on Black Friday 🛑

Before you finalize that holiday shopping list, you should know that not all Black Friday deals are created equal.

In fact, there are several purchase you may want to skip completely on Black Friday.

Chapter 4

😉 Walmart 😉

Walmart has adopted a more Amazon-like approach for this Black Friday.

The retail giant has realized that many modern-day shoppers are not going to camp out or destroy their entire Thanksgiving meal to save an additional $40. So it is sharing many of its top deals online - rather than just limited quantity doorbusters in store.

Chapter 5

🎯 Target 🎯

This year Target is taking one of the most aggressive stands against Amazon that I've seen in the more than a decade that I've been hunting down deals.

The deals at Target this Black Friday 2017 are fantastic. My only disappointment is many of the best deals will be in-store only. Below you'll find my list of the best overall deals being offered by the retailer with more than 1,800 locations across the U.S.

Chapter 6

🎧 Need Headphones? 🎧

Chapter 7

📺 TV Deals 📺

Any consumer expert suggesting your best TV deals appear around Super Bowl time are incorrect. The bargains for the big game do no have nearly the selection or price points we see on Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

With that being said not every Black Friday TV deal is equal. Dozens of TVs are manufactured specifically for Black Friday which means fewer HDMI ports and under-equipped processors.