CHARLOTTE, N.C. — There's a new holiday hack for those who are tired of fielding questions about their dating lives.

"It does get a little bit annoying when you're sitting at the table and everyone is going around and all your siblings are all there with their dates and everything's going good," Richard Joseph said. "The rest of the family is kind of looking at you like where'd we mess up?

According to Richard, the dating life questions start off gentle and get more awkward as the dinner goes on. Many have made jokes about these awkward moments on social media, but this year Richard says he's here to help by becoming Charlotte's most eligible holiday bachelor.

"It started off as a joke but as I keep getting these messages, then like if something works out, it can be legit," Richard said.

On Facebook, he's offering to be your date for Thanksgiving, offering different levels of service.

For $75 and a plate, he'll show up for a couple of ours as your date. He calls this the silver level.

The gold level starts getting a little more interesting, Richard says he'll develop a backstory and you'll take pictures with the family for $150 and a plate.

At the platinum level, it gets serious, for $350 and a plate.

"I'll tell your family that I love you," Richard said. "I help with cleaning up afterword and I kiss your mom on the cheek, I'm calling your dad 'pops.'"

While Richard said he was joking at first, the public response has surprised him.

"My inbox has been flooded with all these people asking if it's legit," Richard said. "People are trying to hook me up with their sisters, some mom's are trying to hook me up with their daughters."

After nearly 800 responses, Richard says he will actually be a pretend boyfriend, adding, "I'm willing to waive the fee if I can just get some good food!"

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