CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Don’t forget your dog walker this holiday season! Etiquette experts says it’s a good idea to give a little extra money to postal carriers, garbage collectors, teachers, daycare providers, and bus drivers. But according to Consumer Reports, 39 percent of Americans don’t give service providers a holiday tip.

“They don't realize that they need to do it or they're intimidated. They don't know how much, or who they should tip,” said Aimee Symington of Finesse Worldwide, an etiquette consulting firm in Davidson.

Holiday tips can vary greatly in amount depending on the person’s job, Symington said.

“It depends on how much you count on their service, how much you appreciate, and how much resources you have to be able to tip all of these people in your life,” said Symington.

And for those on a tight budget, experts say the gift doesn’t have to be cash or a gift card. Symington believes it’s a note of appreciation should be included, no matter the gift.

For a list of suggested tipping amounts: