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North Carolina ranked in the top 5 for Christmas spirit

The COVID-19 pandemic hasn't put a damper on the Carolinas' Christmas spirit, as North Carolina and South Carolina rank in the top 10.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Santa Claus is making his list and when he checks it twice, he'll find the Carolinas were very nice in 2020!

According to a report from GetCenturyLink.com, North Carolina and South Carolina are in the top 10 for having the most Christmas spirit this year. North Carolina once again cracked the top five, coming in at No. 4, falling from last year's runner-up spot. 

Researchers used six key metrics to determine which states have the most Christmas spirit: Google searches for Christmas movies, online shopping, Christmas music streams, tweets about Christmas, the number of Christmas tree farms per capita, and finally, charitable giving in the last documented year. 

The top three jolliest states this year? Utah, Wisconsin and Idaho. It's probably not a coincidence they all usually have a white Christmas. Utah was near the top in every category, scoring top-10 rankings for Christmas movies, gingerbread houses, Christmas music and charitable giving. 

On the opposite end, Hawaii, Florida and Montana will find themselves on the naughty list. For Florida and Hawaii, it's the second straight year they've been at the bottom. The warm weather probably isn't a coincidence; seven out of the 10 states with the least Christmas spirit are in warm climates. 

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