CHARLOTTE, North Carolina — A Panthers player and his family helped with some special deliveries on Christmas Eve.

There’s a cat named Roxy in a cage, a dog named Daphne under the tree and a panther named Fozzy in the middle of it all.

“Christmas Eve its about giving love, having joy,” Whittaker said.

Panthers running back Fozzy Whittaker and his family are helping Santa spread joy this Christmas Eve.

“I think one of the greatest ways to do that is giving back and helping out around the community," Whittaker said.

Giving back is something Whittaker does a lot all year round.

But today, Fozzy and his family are making special deliveries by teaming up with the Humane Society to deliver cats and dogs to new owners -- just in time for Christmas morning.

Daphne will be under her new family’s tree Christmas morning.

Whittaker bought along wife Jasmine, 5-year old Frost and almost 2-year-old Nova, because for Fozzy, faith and family are what this holiday is all about.

“We start with Jesus being the reason," Whittaker said. "We just go all out.”

The only thing Whittaker won’t have is any more animals -- the Panther's running back and animal lover says they already have three dogs.