CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Taking a pic with Santa is a rite of passage.

At SouthPark Mall, there were still people clamoring to see him on Christmas Eve.

The man of the hour, even in the final hours, was still taking requests.

"What did you ask for?"

"I asked for a trampoline. He said, 'We’ll try,'" 10-year-old Maggie Brown told us.

Peace Ongolo, 5, had a different request.

"To say hi to the reindeer for me."

Her 7-year-old sister, Precious, told us, "I asked Santa if he could please tell his elves to say hi because the two elves at my school Jingle and Buddy and I really miss them."

"Have you been naughty or nice this year?"

"I guess nice?" Brown answered, adding, "Everybody’s naughty at some point."

Jack Weiss, 5, admitted he wasn’t always on his best behavior.

"Sometimes I don’t listen to my mom and dad and I’m wild sometimes."

But his mom still wanted him to sit with Santa.

"It’s a tradition and I love to see how they’ve grown every year," Christine Weiss said.

This was 1-year-old Benjamin Kelly’s first photo with Santa.

"We had no expectations. We were like, we’ll go, we'll see how he does," mom Brittany admitted.

His parents did everything they could to make the photo a good one – dancing, waving their arms, even singing.

"Anything to get his attention," his dad James said.

Jack Weiss is just hoping to get Santa’s attention.

"I’m leaving some carrots and cookies."

He's going the nice route on Christmas eve -- a wise move for a 5-year-old.

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