CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- How do you describe holiday travel in one word?

“Chaotic,” said one woman.

“Fun,” replied another lady.

“Crazy,” said a Vietnam veteran.

While the Christmas craziness descended Tuesday like a Boeing 737 on the runway, Wednesday is expected to amp up with Charlotte Douglas International expecting more than 28,000 travelers.

“Have a drink,” recommended one woman.

Lines weren't an issue Tuesday. In fact, the biggest conundrum for most was figuring out how to fit Christmas gifts into luggage.

One man was spotted with three boxes piled high, all full of Air Jordan shoes.

"You just got to make sure you get them home,” he said. “Good gifts, so got to fly with them."

While Michael Jordan is from North Carolina, some other travelers left with something more local.

“What you got?” Asked NBC Charlotte reporter, Evan West.

“Bojangles'!” exclaimed the California woman who proclaimed the southern fried chicken as the best.

There were all kinds of people at the airport Tuesday and while most expected it to be busier, airport officials expect the traffic to pick up on Wednesday.