CHARLOTTE, N.C. - A Charlotte couple says they are being fined $7,000 because their roof is too nice.

They’ve been fighting with their HOA for six years because they, and many of their neighbors, just don’t get it.

Robbi and Michael Ott have lived in the Thornhill community in Ballantyne for twenty years. They love it, but not their HOA.

“It’s just been such an ordeal,” Robbi says.

The HOA is trying to fine them 7,000 for what they’ve been told is too nice a roof. The HOA came up with that number because that’s what they say it would cost to replace the roof.

“That’s outrageous. That’s outrageous,” says Christine Blossfeld, a former neighbor.

“They said that the shingle is not one of the approved colors and there were three colors as opposed to two,” Robbi explains.

“This all started six years ago when a hail storm hit the neighborhood and several of the homes had to get new roofs all at the same time.”

The bylaws clearly state all new replacement and roofing repairs must be approved, and it details the kind of roofing that is allowed.

The couple admits they didn’t get board approval for their new roof.

Robbi says, “We did not and that is our bad,. We should have thought that would be a change that would get approval.”

Blossfeld says, “We had ours done as well. And quite honestly, I don’t remember getting approval, I just knew we had to get it done.”

So the Ott’s say they’ve tried working with the board. They just can’t understand the $7,000 fine.
“I’ve been before the board five or six times trying to come to some solution.”

The attorney for the HOA, Mike Hunter, would only say, “They replaced the roof with a type that is not allowed under HOA architectural guidelines.”

“I think its pretty ridiculous. Their roof is gorgeous. it adds a lot of value to the neighborhood.”

Michael says, “It just seemed they were out to set an example of us – this is the way it is, change the roof or pay the fine.”

The Ott’s say they may have no choice. They're about to sell their home and the fine would come due.

It’s important to remember HOA rules are legally binding. So it’s a good idea to be familiar with the ones in your neighborhood.