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Worst wedding crasher: Inflation | How couples are dealing with higher costs

2.6 million couples are expected to get married this year, according to The Knot, and inflation is only making their big day cost more.

EDEN, N.C. — It's wedding season and it's not just any other season, it's expected to be a recording year for weddings.

The Knot predicted 2.6 million couples will get married this year and that's 20% more than the pre-pandemic average.

The Knot found last year's average wedding cost was $34,000 and inflation is sure to push that number up.

Claudia Moore is getting married in Eden in a few weekends. 

She said inflation has already impacted her big day.

"Things like food and flowers. Those are the two main things that went up. Flowers significantly, but food just a little bit because of the cost of, you know, we see it in the grocery store now," Moore said,

She said those extra costs did force her to cut the guest list and make some changes.

"Instead of a more fancy rehearsal dinner, we’re kind of keeping it more low-key now so that we can put that budget back into the wedding with flowers or the food in general for the actual day of," Moore said.

With inflation and everything else happening, Moore's biggest advice to brides is to not focus so much on the smaller details. She said for example, no one is going to care if you used a wax seal on your invitations or not. It's often those little things that add up.

"So that’s what I’ve been thinking about this whole time is this a little detail or is this something that will impact the entire day," Claudia said.

Prices aren't just impacting the bride and groom, costs just to go to a wedding have also gone up. 

The Knot said the average price of traveling and attending a wedding this year is $460. The average price spent on a gift is $160.