MONROE, N.C. -- A group of cool riders are bringing back the classics.

From hot rods to muscle cars, the Classic Cruisers of Monroe has been showing off their wheels since the 1960s.

Every Wednesday, the group drives into the Poplin Place Shopping Center off Highway 74 to show off their old, but practically new wheels. A ’69 Barracuda, Chevelles, Chargers, and plenty of classic Chevrolets. All restored but kept in classic condition.

“It gives us the opportunity to meet people,” one member says. “We share the passion for the cars, so we really enjoy doing it. You see a lot of neat folks, a lot of neat cars, some rare things you never see.”

The club is mostly guys, but they don’t discriminate.

“Young, middle age, old. We don’t care!”

And while the club is all about fun and tinkering with cars, members say it can teach young people to appreciate something old.

“If you can take a young kid and start to teach them to turn the wrenches and learn the mechanics and what it took to build these cars, I think it’s just a great trade.”

Anyone’s welcome to stop by, and they’re always looking for new members.