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Woman crawls out of car window to escape flooding in west Charlotte

Emergency crews responded to more than a dozen water rescues in Mecklenburg County on Thursday.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A Charlotte driver who was trying to get her car to higher ground when the waters raged behind her, climbed through her window to escape. 

Cary, who didn't want to give her last name, works in Wesley Heights off West Morehead Street. 

She drove to work, parked her car on Bryant Street, and was inside her building when she and her coworkers saw the streets starting to flood. 

"It was a normal day," she said. "I parked on the street." 

She went outside to try to move her car to higher ground. 

"I came out with everyone else," she said, explaining the scramble it was for workers to get their cars to a higher lot. 

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Cary said she got in her car, and was just feet away from a safe spot when the water overpowered her car. 

"The water started rushing a lot faster than it was when we came out and it killed my engine. The water was all the way up to almost my window," she explained. 

With the water rising, she knew she had to get out. 

"Yeah, it was pretty scary actually," Cary said. "There were actually people out standing around saying, "Get out of your car! Get out of your car," she said. 

Thankfully, she was able to climb out of her window and wade to dry ground. 

Her car, which she got three weeks ago, was ruined. A tow truck arrived to take it away. 

Cary is thankful she has flood insurance on her car, and it hopeful everything will work out. 

"I was a little upset," she said. "But I'm safe, so all good."

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