The City of Lenoir reports a dog stolen out of a family's yard has been returned to its owner. 

Manuel Martinez says he's never letting his dog out of his sight again. 

The dog-thief is still at large, but officials say he's facing a felony if found.

Martinez says Jack was given to a woman who called police after seeing the story on the news. Martinez also said he plans to big a taller fence. 

Police say Martinez's beloved pit bull, Jack, was stolen on November 30, 2018. 

They followed every scent in the neighborhood, finding surveillance footage across the street which captured Jack being taken by an unidentified man. 

Martinez said he bought Jack back in October for $1,000. 

Jack kept Beya, Martinez's other dog, company in the backyard. 

The video showed the man walking by with what police are calling a decoy dog, aimed to distract Jack. The tactic works, as the man waits for Jack to get on a stack of wood before snatching him. 

This isn't the first time Martinez has had a dog stolen out of his yard. 

"I had another pit bull, about two years ago, they stole it, too," Martinez told NBC Charlotte. 

While Lenoir police maintain this is an isolated incident, Martinez believes the theft is a result of what he calls the rapidly growing dogfighting industry in the area.