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Last-minute gift guide fit for the year 2020

Here are a few presents that may help you forget how terrible 2020 was for most of us.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Stuck for holidays this year? Can’t go into a store to browse? It must be 2020.

Lauren Barth, the editorial director for MomTrends Media, highlighted a few gifts that might make the end of 2020 a little more bearable. 

“There are great presents, big and small, that can be purchased at the last minute, without seeming that way,” Barth said. 

One of the highlighted gifts is for the gamer in the house: A double-pack bundle of Sonic the Hedgehog for the Nintendo Switch for $39.99.

Other highlighted gifts include things from Lands' End. If 2020 was uncomfortable, the message today is: Make 2021 start off on the right foot. Lined slippers are the perfect last-minute gift since they fit in a stocking and bit both men and women.

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When it comes to all those techy gifts for kids, many parents are concerned about their children accidentally swallowing one of the batteries that are included. In turn, one of the most unique items mentioned that could be beneficial to purchase is the Duracell lithium coin batteries. 

These batteries are coated with a material that offers a bitter taste when put into the mouth. It’s another layer of child protection.

“The coating is non-toxic, and they are available in most of the popular sizes, and they are designed to prevent accidental ingestion," Barth said. "Duracell also offers that tough double blistering packaging that is tough to open with bare hands for yet another added layer of protection."

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But all these suggestions are useless if you don't ship things early enough.

“Shipping companies are forecasting delays this year because so many people are shopping online,” Barth said. 

Already this year, online shopping has smashed previous records for money spent by consumers.