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Texas woman shares greatest accomplishments as she reaches 100 years

Susie Brouse's advice to make it as far as she has is to "just keep breathing" and cherish your loved ones while you have them.

TYLER, Texas — As Susie Brouse listened to her own live birthday song, she said she always expected to live to see 100.

“If I knew it was gonna be this much fun, I'd done it sooner," she said. 

She’s lived through five pandemics, the Great Depression and World War II as a young nurse.

"It was hard, but it was nice if you happen to have boyfriends coming in at different times," Brouse laughed. 

Out of all her experiences, her favorites are simple.

“The births of each one of my children was a greatest thing, it's the greatest accomplishment of my life," Brouse said. 

The mom has four children. The oldest is 75 and the youngest great-great grandchild is due on Aug. 18.

Her best advice to keep up with her is to "just keep breathing." 

And after losing her husband, Jack Brouse, she also said to enjoy those you love while you have them.

“I wish he could be here. You would love him," Brouse beamed. "We were married before he passed away. For 69 years and four days, the last thing we said to each other was ‘I love you.’”

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