CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- On Saturday, we learn who will be the 2017 Walter Payton Man of the Year will be in the NFL.

Our own Carolina Panthers tight end, #88 Greg Olsen, is a finalist for the award which highlights community involvement on and off the field.

Greg Olsen is best known for his foundation called Receptions for Research, specifically the Heartest Yard.

We all know what he does out here on the football field, but who really is he if you don’t already know him? What do they do as a family? And, do he and his wife have date nights?

Bill asks, “Are you homebodies?”

Olsen replied, “I am, my wife likes to be out and about. I could sit around all day at home and be content, so we find our balance in that.”

We also wanted to know what their favorite restaurant is in Charlotte.

Olsen says, “Restaurants are our thing, so it’s actually a new place called O-Ku, we’re big fans of sushi and they just moved it here to SouthEnd, it’s awesome.”

Football is tough-- and especially for young athletes, there are concerns about concussions. Yes, the Olsen kids do play and will play. Greg is the dad, sometimes their coach, and always their biggest cheerleader and fan.

We asked him if he has any reservations about his children playing football. The answer is not simple nor is it short.

Greg says his children, being as young as they are, play flag football at the moment. He says his oldest is football crazy and will definitely evolve into tackle.

Their younger son has a heart issue so it remains to be seen if he will play.

On a sport for their daughter, Greg says, “We’re trying to figure that out. There’s ballet and soccer for the moment. The Olsens are all-season sports players: baseball, football, basketball and soccer top the list.

Not only will the Olsen kids play sports, they’ll play like dad-- with Integrity and humility.

Olsen highlighted the importance of raising coachable kids and teaching them that they may not be the best one on the field. He says it’s important to listen to your coach and learn something every day.

Doing things his way, the right way-- good advice, he says, if you’re 6, 30-- or even 50!