Parents often times want to know what their kids are doing when it comes to social media. We've all been told to keep a close watch, but what can you actually do to keep tabs on what kids are up to online?

Susan Wind, who lives in Mooresville, works with students, teachers and parents to keep everyone safe online.

"They want to track what their kids are doing on social media and I showed them all these different apps that are out there then give them this capability," Wind explained.

She says there are several apps and websites including Mamabear, Teensafe, Mobile Guardian, Pumpic, Net Nanny, mspy, Child Watch, My Spy App, Social Sitter and Qustodio, to list a few.

Some apps allow users to monitor what text messages are sent and received including pictures. Wind says having monitoring programs in place can help you track your kids whereabouts and even track how fast they are going in car with GPS technology.

We asked if she thinks this may be a little too much or to invasive.

"Well, I'm responsible for my kids until they're paying their bills and they are on their own, they are adults, I'm responsible for them," Wind said.

Wind says according to one of her surveys of approximately 2000 middle school age students 85% admitted they know more than their parents do about social media, while 80% admitted they know someone or they themselves conduct inappropriate behaviors on social media apps/websites (including using offensive language, making fun of people, embarrassing someone, or creating fake accounts).

Some companies like Verizon even offer monitoring services for free. Meanwhile, the overall goal is keep kids safe and try to prevent something unsafe from happening.

"The values and the family time, that's all gone out the window over the years because of social media," said Wind.