CHARLOTTE, N.C. - As temperatures climbed today everyone was looking for a little relief.

Some folks cooled off on Lake Norman, others found activities do inside their nice, air-conditioned home.

It sounds like a great idea until your A/C breaks. That's what happened to Jeffery Drum's house in South Charlotte.

NBC Charlotte caught up with him after hours of sweating it out with his pug, Mr. Pugsley.

"It's expensive, but you have to pay to be comfortable," said Drum, who opened his home and wallet to One Hour Air Conditioning.

Josh Allen came out to work on Drum's house, he says most of the problems he sees this time of year are preventable.

"It's all about maintenance. As far as the customer, they need to change their filter is or make sure it gets changed. Right now it needs to be checked on a monthly basis and changed every three months whether it needs it or not," said Allen, who's worked in the AC business for twenty years.

"This is our peak season so we're getting hundreds and hundreds of calls each day."

Another business, Service Experts Heating and Conditioning tells NBC Charlotte their call volume has skyrocketed over the last three months, up 122% from April to June.

Fortunately for Drum, the job was easy so he and Mr. Pugsley are back to beating the heat inside of his cool house.

You can check out more information on One Hour Heating and Air here.