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Charlotte brothers, partner working on healthier beer

The "Uber Beer Project" is a scientific experiment to see if it's possible to make a nutritional beer using "super grains" that also tastes good.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Two Charlotte brothers and their partner are on a mission to make what they’re calling an “uber beer.”

Nico Desreumaux, the creator of the Uber Beer Project, said they’re basically experimenting with ingredients like super grains to make a nutritional beer that tastes good.

Nico and his brother Jean-Luc’s love of beer started with their father, who was an immigrant from Belgium and missed the beer of his native country.

The brothers started brewing their own beer, cider, and mead, documenting their journey on social media through YouTube, TikTok, and more.  

Desreumaux started making his own beer several years ago.

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“I liked all of the small things that you could do and control to manipulate what actually was the final product,” Desreumaux said.

This curiosity into beer-making science is now leading him to his greatest experiment yet.

“So, we decided, like, what is one thing that you could change about beer to make it ‘better,’” Desreumaux said. “Like, taste better obviously, like there’s a lot of science and experimentation around that stuff already, but like, what can you do to make the beer better for you?”

The brothers and their partner, Dylan Taylor, will be conducting a large-scale scientific experiment to test and prove whether or not using five super grains, like quinoa or amaranth, can still produce something that tastes like good beer but also has extra nutritional value.

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“Some of this stuff has existed before, but nothing on this scale scientifically, like measuring this kind of stuff,” Desreumaux said. “And as far as making your beer more nutritious for you, I haven’t found any research on that exactly.”

Desreumaux said they’re not doing the project to sell a product. They’re only hoping others can learn how to make a nutritional beer with ease from their experiment.

“I would like to kind of make like a simple version to just show people that like you can do it home,” he said.

To follow their progress in this experiment, follow @uberbeerproject on TikTok.

The project also has a GoFundMe page to raise money to add a more automated process to their lab to conduct more experiments like these.

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