CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- There are major developments in the effort to bring Amazon's second headquarters to Charlotte.

The Charlotte Chamber of Commerce has launched a new website called Charlotte is Prime. It comes after superstar NBA player and owner of the Charlotte Hornets, Michael Jordan, wrote a letter to Amazon’s CEO laying out several reasons why they should choose the Queen City.

Jordan, who is known for coming through in the clutch, took a big step to try to seal the deal. Now, everyone involved in the effort has to do the same because time is running out.

On the Chamber of Commerce's newly launched website, there are several videos which highlight the success stories in Charlotte. The topics range from the premier Charlotte Douglas International Airport to the success of businesses in the Queen City. Now, the Chamber wants you to share your personal success story in Charlotte so they can share on the website,

“Expressing his (Michael Jordan’s) hope and desire that Amazon will consider Charlotte,” said Fred Whitfield, president of the Charlotte Hornets. “We love this city, Michael loves this city, and anything that we can do to recruit great businesses and great companies like Amazon.”

Other cities are also trying to seal the deal. Tuscon sent Amazon a giant cactus. The Mayor of Las Vegas says her city has the most financial appeal.

However, Amazon is no stranger to the Queen City. The company already has distribution centers in Concord and near Charlotte Douglas Airport.

Now, the Chamber of Commerce is leading a team effort to bring the second Amazon headquarters to Charlotte. However, the exact location remains a mystery.

“It literally would lay the groundwork for Charlotte of the next 100 years,” said Bob Morgan, President of the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce.

The deadline for bids is October 19. Amazon is expected to have a short list by December 1, according to the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce.