CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Hundreds of veterans and civilians alike attended a veteran-friendly job fair at the Levine Goodwill Opportunity Center Tuesday.

Many of those in attendance said they are looking for a job right away.

"I came out to find a job." said Allison Thomas. "I've been out of work for three months, and it's really hard out there."

While the Carolinas are enjoying low unemployment numbers, The President and CEO of Charlotte Works, a company that helps people find work says the underemployment rate is much higher.

"A lot of people you see here are not just the unemployed, but underemployed," said Patrick Graham, president and CEO of Charlotte Works. "This is really about retraining many of those individuals. I think on the positive side of that, though, is companies are much more willing to do on-the-job training."

Graham says Charlotte has a 10.4 percent underemployment rate. Graham says he is optimistic that people who want to find work will get it if they are willing to expand their skill set.

Charlotte Works and the Goodwill of the Southern Piedmont hope to hold another event soon.