CHARLOTTE, N.C. — One of the best perks about Amazon Prime Day is the fact that these deals extend to Whole Foods.

One of the perks is a $10 credit. If you spend more than $10 at Whole Foods, you’ll get this credit for Prime Day and that credit applies to everyone in the Amazon household. So on Prime Dday, that takes their Amazon Dot, which is $24.99 down to $14.99.

Speaking of credit, one of the best deals is the Amazon credit card. No annual fee and when you are approved, you get a $70 Amazon credit that appears on your account almost immediately.

Back at Whole Foods, look for 25% to 50% discounts on certain items -- things like organic red cherries, organic strawberries, wild caught salmon, St. Louis ribs and organic whole chickens. Also, look for 25% off on Pepsi products like chips and drinks.

Good luck, and when you go into Whole Foods, ask them what new deals have been added. That way you can maximize your savings.

Deals at other retailers

It’s like Christmas in July for sure. Prime day is Monday and Tuesday which means thousands upon thousands of items are dirt cheap on Amazon Prime. Yes, great deals there on Amazon, but it’s forcing other stores to compete. 

Call it capitalism at its best. Amazon is so big, and the deals so good, they are forcing more and more stores into their marketplace of competition. Do you know who wins? You, the consumer.

For example, Target is jumping in feet first with what they are calling “Deal Days” on the 15th and 16th. Target is offering 40% off some furniture, 30% off of some small appliances and cookware and a lot of deals on sporting goods, toys and bedding. 

If you are prepping to get your college student ready and need dorm room supplies, this is a huge win for you. Target is also playing up the fact that you don’t need a membership to cash in on their deals.

eBay is another site looking to take advantage. They are having what they are calling a “Crash Sale” insinuating Amazon’s site might have outages like they did last year. eBay is promising hot deals on top brands with 50% off and free shipping.

Walmart is taking aim at Amazon, too, by offering great deals on Apple products like a 10.5 inch iPad Pro for $180 off. There will be deals on kitchen appliances and many more items, things like nest cameras, tv’s, and computers.

Happy hunting, and remember, now is the time to buy these items.

Deals on technology

First and foremost, if you are new to Amazon, you don’t have to buy the membership to get Prime deals this week. You can do the 30-day free trial.  

But if you want to join, and if you have a college student in the house, you can put the membership in their name because it’s just $59 a year as opposed to the $119.  

The deals and perks are close to the same. And the college membership free trial is 6 months, not just 30 days, so you could shop 'til you drop then cancel during the free trial period.

So what are some of the good deals you’ll find? Almost anything and everything.

Let’s start with technology. The best deals are always on Amazon products, like the Alexa Echo and Dot. The Echo is usually half price and a great way to make your house a smart home. The Dot is just $24.99 that’s a savings of 50%. 

What other deals are there? Gaming laptops, Chromebooks, and don’t forget that Amazon is now an Apple authorized dealer, so look for good deals on MacBook, iPads, and more. 

Non-tech deals will pop, too. Look for big savings on furniture some in the neighborhood of 20%-30% off.

Keep watching what you want, and don’t forget to price compare since other retailers like Walmart and Target are being very aggressive with sales on the same day.

Don’t get ripped off

The last thing you want to do is overspend on something you think is a good deal. But the problem is, how do you know? 

First, there is a website called Camelizer. It’s a browser extension that will display a product’s price history, so you can see if it has been cheaper or even more expensive.

Let’s try it. Say you want a new camera lens, like an 85mm Sigma to fit my a Canon camera. You pull up what you're looking for on Amazon, then, because you added the Camelizer browser extension, you simply click that icon and a complete price history of this lens comes up. 

You can see the highest and lowest on Amazon as wells as 3rd party vendors. This is a great way to know what kind of a deal you are getting.  

When you're shopping, information is equal to buying power. Another way to spot fakes is a site called FakeSpot. Just copy the URL of the Amazon page you are on, and the site will tell you whether the product’s reviews are trustworthy or even real.

We've run into plenty of companies that put out fake reviews to trash their competitor or to make themselves look good. We like to see hundreds of reviews on a product because that would be difficult to fake.


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