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Are you overpaying for your internet service?

Consumer Reporter Bill McGinty found out what you need to know to get the most for your money.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — How much are you paying for your internet service? There's a chance you could be overpaying. 

What some people may not know: you have more power over your payment options than you think. 

Shopping for internet service is a lot like buying a car. There may be a price tag on it, but most of it is negotiable. 

You just have to know what to ask. So, ask yourself. Are you paying for too much speed?

If you only use the basics like email, social media, or audio streaming, most experts say you can get away with 10 MegaBits.

If several people are online, gaming or video streaming, you'll want at least 50.

If you're paying for more, consider downgrading your plan. If your provider says they don't have one, tell them you're switching. But research the alternatives before you call.

If you know who other providers in your area are and what they're offering, you can reference that when negotiating. 

Next, ask yourself -- are you getting what you pay for? You can find out by downloading a free app called Speedtest, which measures performance.

If your speed is a lot slower than advertised, ask for more at the same price.

But test it several times over the course of a day and over a few days. There might be some times with heavier congestion, such as in the evening if everyone jumps on to watch Netflix. 

If your provider won't work with you, you can always say you'll switch. And if your provider still won't budge on the bill, then Bill McGinty says it may be time to cut the cord ... with them.

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