CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- It’s only natural, parents don’t want to disappoint their kids at the holidays.

NBC Charlotte Consumer Reporter Bill McGinty has three tips to make sure you get what you want, make that, get what *they want.

"First, know the system, learn what stores are offering what deals! For example, if you want a fingerling, and you can’t find it in the store, start checking the inventory at individual stores in your area and you can do it on-line," McGinty said. "Make the purchase and then then go pick it up. It’s the 21st century equivalent of calling and asking them, and then saying, please set one aside. Being educated is step one!”

Next, bookmark the sites and individual pages with the ads for easy quick access when these sales go active, that way, you won’t have to remember what store it was or what page it was on in their ad.

On that note, know when the sale begins.

"With competition being what it is, some sales might begin before thanksgiving. Get there early and get what you want…make that…what they want!”

"If you are going to 3rd party sites, be wary of people asking for wire transfers, bit coin and iTunes cards as forms as payments. If it sounds too easy and too convenient, it might be a scam," McGinty reminds us.