CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- We are asking the question “is it worth it to switch cable providers”? Who better to investigate that question than NBC Charlotte's Anchor and Consumer Reporter Bill McGinty.

Is it worth it to switch from what you already have? We are bombarded with offers these days to switch TV services! But is it really worth the money and hassle?

At the moment, Direct TV wants your business and offered me a deal through Costco. It included a $200 gift card that I could convert to cash or just use there at Costco.

There were no hookup fees, free DVR’s for 5 TV’s and the price for 155 channels in my area was $65, and this is with a 2 year commitment. No internet included in that price.

A day later, wouldn’t ya know it, we get a mailer from Dish offering a $100 prepaid card, no activation fees and no equipment to buy. The cost here for per month is $50, with a two year fixed commitment.

They’ll also kick in 3 months of movie channels, which they do anyway when you call to complain about something, so that’s no big get. And they’re offering free HD for life.

10 years ago, free HD would have been something, but HD is now the standard, that’s not a big get either.

Locally, Spectrum is offering a variety of packages. The one that caught my eye was the TV and internet combo, for $89 that included 125 channels and 100 megabits per second internet.

There are choices and with so many people cutting the cable, these companies are willing to negotiate to keep your business. Don’t be afraid to hang up and shop offers as they are changing often.