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BUY IT NOW: $44 off AmazonBasics Smart Microwave with Echo Dot and free shipping

What will they think of next? More importantly, do you really need a smart microwave? I'm going to answer all of those questions today in my quest to save you cash. If you watched me live from CES 2019 on or my Deal Guy YouTube channel, you likely saw me profile today's gadget ahead of the price drop. Would I buy this? No. But I love the deal and the concept.

Let's start with the fact that a new microwave designed and manufactured by Amazon is a fraction of what a competing microwave would cost. The Amazon Basics microwave is nearly perfect. It works well, it has a space-saving design, it defrosts, thaws, reheats and is energy-efficient.

Rather than fumbling through microwave pre-sets and entering the weight of frozen vegetables or a block of minestrone soup that you want to defrost, you just ask Alexa (with the included Echo Dot).

"Alexa, run the microwave for 5 minutes." "Alexa how much time is left on my timer?" "Alexa microwave 2 ounces of popcorn." "Alexa defrost one pound of chicken" "Alexa reheat one cup of hot chocolate." You ask and without lifting a finger to adjust modes and pre-sets, this smart microwave gets the job done.

Complete with 10 power levels, a turntable and child lock, this microwave is ready for any home, except for mine! I'm not buying this because I already own a smart microwave from Samsung which cost quite a bit more and I'm bitter about it. I also wish this microwave from Amazon came in a larger size but if they make one, I'll be first in line to complete the purchase. The sale price today is fantastic, but know that there is a shipping delay. The microwave doesn't ship until Feb. 23.

Features of the AmazonBasics Microwave:

  • Microwave can automatically order popcorn when you run out
  • Compact size saves counter space
  • 10 power modes, turntable and child lock built in
  • Quick cook voice presets plus Alexa compatibility
  • Extremely well-rated
  • Lowest-recorded price today
  • Deal includes an Echo Dot

BUY IT NOW: $44 off AmazonBasics Smart Microwave with Echo Dot and free shipping
Was: $109.98
Now: $65.98


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