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BUY IT NOW: 63 percent off three Arlo Smart Home Security Lights with free shipping

Why in the world would you pay more than $100 for motion sensor lights? In the almost two decades that I’ve been testing tech, I could not wrap my head around the popularity of Arlo Security Lights. Thanks to a new sale today and some recent tests I performed, my opinions have slightly changed. 

Arlo is a brand known for for top-notch wire-free and weather-proof security cameras. The Arlo security lights supposedly bridge the gap between traditional security lights and the type of motion alerts delivered to your smartphone that you would expect from a smart security camera. 

The Arlo Security Lights are also smart lights so you can turn them on or off with your smartphone or with your favorite connected device like Google Home or Amazon Echo. In my tests, these lights were more responsive and brighter than competitors, and while I would simply prefer to have a security camera with night vision, these do have their place on certain properties. 

For small and large businesses or for home owners that want to use these in place of a security camera, these are worth a look. However, these motion alert lights cannot replace a surveillance camera. Any decent surveillance camera already has night vision - so why wouldn’t you just buy a standard motion light and use them in tandem with a security system? I’m not quite sure. Since these are popular though, this deal drop is worth a look. 

Manufacturer Stats on Arlo Security Lights

  • 100 percent wire-free: free of power cords and wiring hassles
  • Motion-detection: lights turn on when motion is detected
  • Mobile alerts: instant alerts if light activates on motion detection
  • Weather resistant: put Arlo lights anywhere - indoors or out
  • Customizable settings: adjust your lights' color, strobe/beam, and notification settings
  • Works with existing Arlo Security Camera System — link your camera and lights to activate together. Works with other smart home devices.

BUY IT NOW: 63 percent off three Arlo Smart Home Security Lights with free shipping
Was: $349.99
Now: $129.53


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