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SHOP NOW: Sales on men's New Balance sneakers.

SHOP NOW: Sales on women's New Balance sneakers.

$34.99 is all it takes if you are in the market for a new pair of shoes with support — or if you are still searching for last-minute gift ideas.

In fact, while I believe my Father's Day gift might have actually already been purchased by my significant other from a deal list I published earlier this week, I am ready to treat myself!

I'm on my feet all day long. While I love Nike shoes as much as the next guy, there's something extra special about New Balance (and no, they're not paying me to talk about them).

New Balance makes fantastic shoes. Many fitness experts will recommend New Balance shoes over Nike for the gym, especially for those of us with knee issues. While Nike is more popular for celebrity endorsements and overall fashion, I might argue there is more substance tied to what you can score from New Balance at a much lower price.

There are many deals online right now for both men and women. Men can find a full list of shoe deals on sale for under $45 right here and women can find a full list of New Balance shoe discounts under $45 right here.

The best deal I found today is for New Balance Men's 517v1 Men's Cross Training Shoes. Ideal for a jog or walking the dog, for running between gates at the airport or for a comfortable fit for class, $34.99 goes a long way today. Please note there is a shipping fee of $6.95 for orders under $75. 

BUY IT NOW: 46% off New Balance Men's 517v1 Men's Cross Training Shoes 
Was: $64.99
Now: $34.99
**All size and color options available at the time this article was written


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