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GET THE DEAL: $30 Off WeberDual Probe Smart Kitchen Bluetooth Thermometer + Free Shipping

As we count down to Memorial Day, Father's Day and July 4, the best BBQ deal of the season is Bluetooth! In my continued quest to save you time and money, today it’s all about one of my favorite Weber deals.

Imagine a gadget accompanied by a free app that can take care of all of your cooking and grilling. From today through Labor Day straight into Thanksgiving, I have a winner!

Rather than run back and forth between a grill, oven or stove and your guests to check cooking temperatures, you can now let an app do the work.

The Weber iGrill app does all the work for you. Pick your protein and whether you want it rare, medium rare, well-done or char-broiled and the app does the rest. You’ll get alerts when your food is cooked and more importantly you don’t need to saw through $25 steaks to see how cooked they are or risk serving someone rare chicken or a turkey burger.

Today’s deal scores you two probes to cook anything from steak to burgers or sea bass and you can monitor each probe on its own. You can cook burgers on one, lamb chops on the other - whatever you want, you get cooking guidance from start to finish.

Click the play button to see what I grilled and how this Weber Dual Probe.

- 150-foot wireless range!

- Includes two probes

- Illuminated display and magnetic probe can be mounted on BBQ

- Smartphone alerts prevent over-cooking

- Perfect professional chef temperature cooking

- Put the probe into your favorite food and let technology take over

- Heat safe up to 572 degrees: smoker and oven-safe!

- Bright LED display allows you to monitor food with a quick glance

- Extremely simple app

- Lowest-recorded price today

- Tested far better than competing products at triple the price

- Free iGrill Weber App is the best grilling app we tested

$30 Off WeberDual Probe Smart Kitchen Bluetooth Thermometer + Free Shipping

Was: $69.99

Now: $39.99


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