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Deals expected for televisions on Black Friday

Lesser known brands will likely be even cheaper than the big deals you see.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Deals on TVs are expected to reach a new high on Black Friday this year.

In the 39 to 43 inch weight class, Consumer Reports is expecting some really great deals. For example, 4K smart TVs could be priced at under $200. When it comes to brand, unless you have a favorite, it's recommended you shop price and size over brand name.

In the 49 and 50 inch weight class, you can expect deals close to $200. Lesser known brands will likely be even cheaper. In store and online pricing is expected to vary, so don’t feel the need to jump at the first good price you see.

In the 55 to 60 inch TV size, you’re going to start seeing prices pop in the $475 to $500 range. These are 4K smart TVs, and will likely include brand names like Samsung and LG.

There are also deals in the larger TVs, from 65 inch to 70 inch TVs. They used to be in the thousands, especially if you wanted 4K smart TV, but not anymore. This year, TVs that size could be found anywhere from $500 to just under $1000.

TVs are a black Friday staple. Be sure to shop around, and again, don’t fret over brand name.

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