FORT MILL, S.C. -- Thousands will take to the tailgate this weekend getting ready for the Panthers bid for the NFC title. A Fort Mill man has created an invention to make sure you don't miss a play while at the tailgate. 

"We wanted something that was lightweight, that the consumer could take with them and still take their TV with them easily," said Theron Pickens, of Fort Mill. 

Pickens, a former engineer, created the TV Toc Box. 

"The T-O-C stands for television outdoor carrier. We've been working on this product for about two years now," said Pickens. 

Pickens says the carrier has been popular for tailgaters and for those who love the outdoors. The TV Toc Box breaks down and becomes a TV stand you can use on your truck bed. 

"On the back side we have wind braces, because we one of the things we were challenged with was a lot of people when they have their TV they those little pedestal bases. We needed a much stronger base and that's what we've produced here," said Pickens. 

In addition to the outdoor capabilities, Pickens says the TV Toc Box is a great way to store or travel with your TV. 

"Because what we tried to do in here is put it where it's mounted using standard vesa mounts and it's literally floating inside-- it's protected all the way around, it has that shell," said Pickens. 

Pickens has already sold many of the TV Toc Boxes and expects to expand production in the coming weeks.